Montreal – A Foodie’s Heaven

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With over 5,000 restaurants and literally almost one on each corner, Montreal is one of the best travel destinations for foodies.

Schwartz's Deli - Montreal Travel Guide |

Every time the fall season comes around, Nami would mention to me how much she misses the mesmerizing fall scenery in Japan with the leaves changing colors.  Our children had a 3 day weekend in October so we decided to visit somewhere in North America where we can enjoy the foliage.  Our destination was – Montreal, Canada.

trees changing color at Mount Royal Park - Montreal Travel Guide |

One of the favorite activities for our family to do together is to explore new places.  We want our kids to have the memory traveling together, learning new things, and tasting new food as a family.  Hopefully, they will continue this tradition with their own family one day.

children chasing leaves at Mount Royal Park - Montreal Travel Guide |

To involve our kids more in the travel planning process, I gave our daughter the option of suggesting places we can go.  Immediately she said, “Canada, I’ve never been there”.  It just so happens and Nami and I have always wanted to visit Montreal so we planned the spontaneous trip.  What we didn’t know were:

  1. There are a lot of JOC readers in Montreal.  Thank you all for offering tips on what to do and where to visit in your amazing city.
  2. Montreal is a foodie’s heaven!

raspberry bread at Restaurant Mélisse - Montreal Travel Guide |

When we travel, most of the time we would plan out activities and then try to squeeze the meals in between the best we can.  In Montreal, we did the opposite.  We planned out where to eat and tried to squeeze activities in, and we ate non-stop our entire trip.

Since there are over 5,000 restaurants in Montreal we didn’t even scratch the surface of what’s there.  However, we do want to share with you the great experiences we had eating there.

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