All Purpose Miso Sauce 味噌だれ

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Use this All-Purpose Miso Sauce to make simple glazes, marinades, dressings, or dipping sauces. Add it to protein, vegetables, and pretty much everything!

All-Purpose Miso Sauce in the Weck glass jars.

It’s always good to have homemade sauces around in your kitchen so you don’t end up with the store-bought stuff. Not only you have complete control over the ingredients, but a homemade sauce always tastes so much better. Today I’m sharing my secret magic sauce: the brilliant All-Purpose Miso Sauce.

Whether it is to add a little depth or complexity, this miso sauce never fails to jazz up a dish whenever something is amiss. Just like a reliable friend you can count on anytime!

The Best Miso Sauce

5 reasons to love this sauce:

  • It’s full of authentic Japanese flavor. The sauce is the guarded secret to many of your favorite Japanese dishes.
  • Super easy to put together & only 4 simple ingredients needed!
  • Long shelf life. Make once and store well in the fridge for up to 2 months.
  • Its ability to transform. You can get a whole variety of homemade sauce with varying flavors by using different miso. Mild, sweet or pungent – you decide.
  • Unlike bottled seasoning sauces, this homemade sauce is free of processed ingredients and MSG (monosodium glutamate).
Hikari Miso - Organic Miso Series

I enjoy using different organic miso from Hikari Miso® .

3 Things to Know When Making All-Purpose Miso Sauce

1. Saltiness varies based on the miso brand/type

If you’re using a different brand or type of miso, keep in mind that the saltiness level may differ from my recipe. So adjust accordingly.

2. Different types of miso yield different flavors

Miso can be made of rice, barley, soybean, or koji, and each one has different strength and depth. Just like saltiness, if you’re using a different type of miso, your homemade miso sauce may not taste exactly like mine. It also means you can literally make a variety of this sauce by using different types of miso.

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