Tokyo Stories – Season 1 Recipes

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Netflix Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories Recipes

Are you ready to join us for an exciting cooking project? It’s about discovering Japanese comfort food through Midnight Diner: Tokyo Seriesa Japanese TV series that is centered around food and bonding. There will be ramen, savory rice dish, hot pot, sweet plum wine and even a Japanese-version of corn dog to cook and savor together. 

Netflix Midnight Diner Tokyo Stories Recipes

As we’re anticipating the arrival of the cooler months and pre-holiday season, it means there will be a lot of cooking and eating for many of us. How about making it fun and fulfilling by tackling a cooking project together? We’ve pulled together every dish that is featured on Midnight Diner: Tokyo Series (Season 1) from Episode 1-10 for you to follow through.

All the recipes are representative of Japanese home cooked recipes that you will not typically find at the Japanese restaurant menus in the US. So this cooking project is about sharing Japanese culture, a few delicious dishes, a new experience and ultimately a good time.

For those who have yet to watch the show, Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is a Japanese TV series inspired by a best-selling manga which focuses on a chef, known as “The Master” who runs a small diner in Tokyo and his connections with his customers from all walks of life. Each episode starts with The Master preparing a specific dish upon the request of his customer and there we learn about their life story.  It is essentially a show about human connections and the healing powers of food – in the case of Midnight Diner, Japanese comfort food.

Since Midnight Diner is all about bonding, you should really invite your family or a few good friends or neighbors or even potential new friends to tackle this project together. Watch the show at the weekend and cook each recipe right after. If you like, you can even do the shopping together.  We think you’re going to enjoy this!

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